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The dialog events and training sessions are developed and tested in cooperation with actors of the following universities:

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In the scope of the “VIVA LA GENDER” campaign the Ruhr-West University of Applied Sciences informs about diversity and the continuing high relevance of work on gender equality at universities. A wide variety of formats such as panel discussions, readings, workshops and much more can be attended from 15.10.2022 to 28.10.2022 at the Mülheim and Bottrop campuses.


HRW Podcast that creates knowledge

The University Ruhr West of Applied Sciences has launched the “HRW Podcast that creates knowledge” in 2021. It addresses young people who want to study at HRW as much as companies looking for cooperation. And, of course, it addresses people who are curious about what people at HRW are actually doing.

The first season is comprised of ten episodes. Another season will be launched in 2022. In addition to professors, research assistants and PHD candidates are also invited as guests. The podcast revolves around the paths that scientists take, how they develop at HRW and how they grow. It picks up the attitude of “Never stop growing” by showing how people from different backgrounds, paths and interests can exploit their opportunities and develop their potential at HRW.

PROForward - How can HRW fill its professorships with the right candidates in the future?

This promising question is the focus of the ‘PROForward@HRW‘ project. The Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences was successful in the BMBF’s nationwide call for proposals for the federal-state program “FH-Personal” and will receive 2.67 million euros over six years to develop new paths to professorship. By implementing PROForward@HRW as an organisation development project, the university is opening itself up to new paths to professorship, thereby developing an excellent reputation as a regional and national employer, and supporting the development of people, the HRW and the region. Creative and innovative people whose expertise, individual careers and personalities fit the HRW’s mission statement and profile apply for our professorships. Once appointed, they find the best, individually tailored conditions for their start and personal development in research and teaching.

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RWTH Aachen University
Mentoring Programm TANDEMplus
Mentoring Programm TANDEMplus

Mentoring Programm TANDEMplus and „Flexible Career Management“ (FCM)

The mentoring programme TANDEMplus, which has been offered in various collaborations for many years, will be offered exclusively to female postdocs affiliated with RWTH, since 2021 in English language in order to align with the ongoing internationalisation of RWTH. The TANDEMplus concept includes the proven components of the program, i.e. one-to-one mentoring, seminars, and networking in order to equip the participants for a leadership position in science and research.

A new RWTH project is “Flexible Career Management for female Postdocs (FCM)”. The aim is to support young female scientists in their scientific career by means of promoting compatibility. Currently, dual-career coaching is offered for couples in academia with a focus on gender-equitable career planning, time management and compatibility of family and career/work-life balance. In addition, student assistants can be hired to assist with laboratory activities, for example, during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Both TANDEMplus and “Flexible Career Management” are funded by the “Professorinnenprogramm III”.

„MyScience“ video series

The video series “MyScience” was developed three years ago by the so-called Department 3.0 – Press and Communication of RWTH Aachen University in cooperation with the freelance filmmaker Wisam Zureik to present the social impact of young scientists.

Regardless of gender, origin, faculty, etc., the focus of the short video format is on the research and its significance for people’s everyday lives, alternating between cutaways and statement passages. Especially young professors and academics were cast for this series whereas established professors were either not included or tagged. The video series was promoted via the university’s social media channels.

Universität zu Köln
Trainings für Wissenschaftlerinnen im Rahmen des Female Career Programme

Training for female scientists within the framework of the Female Career Programms

In one to two-day training courses, female scientists are trained in the topics of confident appearance / self-presentation / voice training / body language. Exemplary trainings are:

  • “The Art of Self-Presentation for Female Scientists”
  • “Assertiveness training for female scientists”
  • “Appearing confident and self-assured”
  • “Empower your voice! How to persuade in public speaking” 

Target group: primarily female PHD-candidates and postdocs

Duration: Continuous

Lecture Series „Women in Science and Society“

Lecture Series „Women in Science and Society“

Every year, on the initiative of the Cluster of Excellence CECAD and the Collaborative Research Centre 829, together with the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Medicine and the Prorectorate for Academic Careers and Equal Opportunities, renowned international female scientists from the subject area are invited to give lectures and provide an insight into their academic trajectories.

Target group: primarily female PHD-candidates and postdocs

Duration: Continuous


Lecture Series „Women in Science and Society“

UDE research talents

Young, curious, excellent: this is the new generation of young researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE). In our series, we present young research personalities from different faculties several times a year. Whether it’s a portrait, an interview or a short video series: we interview our doctoral students, postdocs and assistant professors, get them thinking, accompany them to the lab and to their desks. In this way, we want to show the public how research and work is done at a university, and what our research personalities are really like.